My Top 2013 Movie Lists

Hi Everyone, this time i want to share my top 2013 movie lists. You must watch those movies! hehee…

In fact, the best movie ever made space. This film takes you into space in the movie possible ways. The visual effects are so brilliantly designed, you wonder if they pulled in the space part. Incredibly effective requires a lot of time in the film brings realism and emotion that no other space movie ever. The acting is subtle and endearing. Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for best director Alfonso Cuarón and Emmanuel Lubezki Image after. I can not recommend this film. Grass, beautiful and technically perfect. Every Film schools will study this movie in the future. Watch Gravity Full Movie here..

12 years a slave
It is a brilliant cinema. It is clear that this can be the central theme within easy reach slavery and depravity of human nature, but has many other small moments that thoughts lead to bigger problems - the role of religion is an example. It is difficult, and in some ways, terrible to see, but it’s the story of Solomon Northrup told the truth. There’s nothing saccharine, like Steve McQueen has that and that’s what makes it so much fun. You cry because you see is really terrible, not because the violins are made, and the voltage administrator at your heart strings. The whole game is top notch, as is the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. This should really be a must for anyone old enough to understand the world.

The Wolf of Wall Street
By far the best film of the year, Best Actor, Best Director! The entire cast is excellent support. This film did not disappoint, it was much better than I expected and not feel the length of the film. He certainly did not want a production of three hours. Scorsese shiny set! We undertake to toe and from beginning to end. Leonardo DiCaprio is the best! It leads to the performance through the ups and downs of the film to take victory. I have read, Oscar Jordan Belfort, Scorsese and DiCaprio made ??it as accurately as possible, really appreciate film. I recommend Scorsese and DiCaprio as authentic as possible for this epic frame. After all, this is Hollywood. This is one of my fave, you should watch wolf of wall street!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Thus, for a long time, I avoided Hunger Games and I’ve seen and loved Battle Royale, and I felt like The Hunger Games is a PG version would. But I decided to see the first movie and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked it. But it is even better. I was very happy with the movie. It has similarities with the first film, but I think it makes everything better. It has many very interesting twist and turns in the story to know what will happen to me from them. The film comes to the conclusion that what you really so, as you know, the rest plays want to see. Next movie, I would say that this film could be called men and women, with its mix of action, drama and romance, and it works, it is an advantage. If the first film, the please’ll love. It should be the blockbuster movies. Joy, but in a way that feels lively place. Free Streaming The Hunger Games Catching Fire here.

This is a great movie , really huge . You can tell Disney animation really put the mountains of effort and shows at full speed now . Music and Big Sisters history of many products of the characters from the past. Computer-generated animation is really cool , pun . The quality is top notch. I have a sister and I felt this deep connection with this function . I will not lie , I was moved to tears . I ended up visiting my sister and gave her a big hug complete surprise . I ‘m really happy to be a movie, and the world can connect with something simple and profound and Geschwisterbindungund their special quality is really incredible, and showed to see. With great tenderness I sing a part of your world and reflection for years and I feel I let myself go , and most of the songs I sing for years to come . It was new and nostalgic and took me back to my childhood , and once more the spirit of the movies I loved tenfold. It has something for everyone , which is why I liked it so much . Every action and romance and comedy and fantasy, not to mention. To tears Many Disney movies are always uplifting and it was even more , and this is a very special experience .

Fast and Furious 6

If there is any doubt as to why The Fast and the Furious has a cult status in the checkout line, here’s your answer. It had everything you would associate with this franchise. Also a part where they throw physics out the window!

It starts with Dom and O’Connor goes to Spain to go when retirement Hobbs Dom is the return of a group of thieves coordinated street racing cum Request Help high. It also shows a recent photo of Letty Dom, he can not place the bid. On the streets of London on a military base in Spain. It’s a roller coaster of fast cars .. the incredible action scenes … A couple of girls fighting girls was actually pretty awesome.

Overall, guaranteed fun.

This is a great movie. I can not recommend enough for F1 fans like me, sports fans and interested is cooked in a history of rivalry garbage original movies each year a bit different.

Must give all interested parties. Pat on the back of the crew did a fantastic job making this movie criticized to explore and honor. Two F1 drivers unforgettable

Fun James Hunt, the style of life of the party with brutal and Talent Code. That compares with Niki Lauda believes methodological, technical virtuosity and professional life. These two are total opposites, but he realizes his life, the value of an enemy to touch something. I think it is a commentary on human nature that the best lights when we win or overcome everything.

Do yourself a favor and look at it now. Watch Rush full movie here!

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Dallas Buyers Club Online, Amazing movie

I just Watch Dallas Buyers Club Online, and this is one of the best films I ‘ve seen this year ! A True Story of Raw, courageous and amazing man with a diagnosis of HIV , extraordinary efforts at a time when the AIDS epidemic was made survival.

Matthew McConaughey, who lost a significant amount of weight for the role, gives the performance of his career with Jared Leto is also good here . Probably the best performance in a movie all year , I forgot where I saw an actor in a movie, and I felt like real people , instead of seeing . There is no doubt that the two nominees for best actor and best supporting actor .

Here’s the Dallas Buyers Club Movie trailer

Although this type of story feels a little ” family , still a great landscape and realism with outstanding results in the balance. While it is easy and difficult ” to find depressing to see “a little” is a true without inspiration ( and important) history and one of the best years of cinema.

McConaughey was after starring in a series of very bad movies joke . His recent performances have shown, however , that man is truly one of the best actors of the time in the industry. Dallas Buyers Club is another proof .

Dallas Buyers Club is worth to watch, you must spend your time to watch! you can do free streaming online tough.